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GIL-What's done?

Since the Feasibility Study was completed in 2010, a lot has been completed. Over $2,500,000 of construction has happened on the following segments:

  • Biser Trail widened

  • Off road multi-use path on Lefever Street by the Middle School

  • Steinwehr Avenue Phase 2

  • Queen Street

  • Phase A from the Rec Park to West Racehorse Alley and all of Springs Avenue

  • Borough Ordinance allowing bicycles on sidewalks for much of Gettysburg except for sidewalks along Baltimore Street and Steinwehr Avenue and all sidewalks on or within one block of Lincoln Square. All bicyclists must yield to pedestrians. It offers a safe practical solution for children and adults that consider themselves vulnerable in road traffic.

  • The North Gettysburg Trail

    Look for the new Gettysburg Bicycle User Map coming April 2018.

    Biser Trail Families riding on the Biser Trail

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