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Ride with Rich Fund Raiser on Sep 23 details



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Here is the Newsletter for April 2015.

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Board Members Contact Info

Name Title Email
Dennis Hickethier President tdhickethier@comcast.net
Baird Tipson Interim Vice President niebler@comcast.net
Eric Meyer Treasurer ejmeyer99@hotmail.com
Vacant Secretary
Thomas Jolin Gettysburg Inner
Loop Coordinator
Gary Shaffer Director garyshaffer@gwshaffer.com
Patricia Lawson Director plawson@gettysburg.edu
Dafna Reiner Director laurusleaf@gmail.com
Jess Rudy Directorjess.a.rudy@gmail.com
Sarah Kipp Director sarahkipp@gmail.com
Michael Bramel Director michael@bramel.net
Nanette Hatzes Director nanette.hatzes@gmail.com
Barbara Dempsey-West Director bibsy71@hotmail.com


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