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Heritage Rail Trail County Park (York County)- Website
Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails - Website
C&O Canal - Website
Great Allegany Passage - Website
Best Rail-Trails in PA - Website
Pine Creek Trail - Website
South Mountain Region Trail Summit - Website

Health and Fitness Information for Bicycling and Walking
A study conducted by Marion County, CA - PDF
Burning calories while bicycling - Website
Health benefits of walking - Website
Using a calorie calculator to count calories burned while walking - Website

Articles on Economic Impact of Trails
Health Benefits of Bicycling on Proposed Gettysburg Trail - PDF
Benefits of Bicycle and Walking Trails - PDF
Economic Benefits of Bicycling in an Urban Environment - PDF
Economic Impact Analysis of York County Rail Trail - PDF
Trails and Economic Development by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy - PDF

Organizations and Partners
Hanover Cyclers - Website
Rails-To-Trails Conservancy - Website
GETTYSBIKE Tours - Website
South Mountain Partnership - Website
Mountain Bikers of Michaux - Website

Brochure of Walking/Running routes in Adams County - PDF
Chart showing the impact of activity on obesity in childreny - Chart
Cue Sheet/Route Description of ride in and around Gettysburg - PDF

Other Links
Active Transportation for America report - PDF
how transportation engineers and planners are working to build road networks - Website
The Impact of the Little Miami Scenic Trail on Single Family Residential Property Values - PDF
Safe Routes to School - Website
Bicycle Touring and More - Website

Health Benefits
Positive Health Effects of Bicycling - Website
Health Benefits of Walking - Website
Calorie Calculator - Website
Trails in Other Communities
Prospect Lake Fitness Trail in Colorado Springs - Website
Midtown Greenway in south Minneapolis, MN - Website
Boulder Creek Path in Boulder, CO - Website
The Minute Man Bikeway near Cambridge, MA - Website
The Mount Vernon Trail in Northern Virginia/DC Metro Area - Website
The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail/American River Bike Path near Sacremento, CA- Website
Economic Benefits
Trails and Economic Development study produced by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy -PDF
York County "Heritage Rail Trail County Park 2007 User Survey and Economic Impact Analysis -PDF
Economic Benefits of Bicycling in Urban Environments -PDF
Walking in Adams County
Bicycling in Adams County

Organized Rides
Cumberland Valley Rail Trail - Website
Cumberland Valley Rail Trail - Website
York County Rail Trail - Website
Hanover Cyclers - Website
Mountain Bike Trails
Mountain Bikers of Michaux - Website

On-Raod Cue Sheets
Route Description - Gettysburg/Battlefield - PDF
Safety Tips
Bicycle Safety Tips - Website
Kids and Bicycle Safety - Website
How not to get hit by cars - Website
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Resource Guide - Website
Local Organizations
Hanover Cyclers - Website
Mountain Bikers of Michaux - Website
Road Regulations
Laws Related to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety - Website
PennDOT Info - Website

Walking Groups
Walking Trails
Wellspan Physical Fitness Task Force: Gettysburg Walks - PDF/Brochure
Power Walking
Walking for Fitness - Website
Nording Walking - Website
Crossing Regulations
Laws Related to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety - Website
PennDOT Info

Gettysburg Inner-Loop
Map of the Proposed Route - PDF
Executive Summary - PDF
Feasibility Study - PDF
Appendix A1-A22 - PDF
Appendix B - PDF
Appendix C - PDF
Appendix D - PDF
Appendix - PDF
Appendix F - PDF
Appendix G - PDF
Appendix H - PDF
Appendix I - PDF
Appendix J1-J18 - PDF
Appendix K - PDF
Appendix L - PDF
Appendix M - PDF
22 letters of support (Appendix A1-A22) - Website
State Bicycle Route
Pennsylvania State Bicycle Routes - Website


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